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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013 - Kata and I took a quick trip up to see what progress has been made on the house.
The siding is up on the front and the back (above) of the house and painted on the back. There's a definite brown shade to the gray but/and I like it. I thought the white water-table (below the siding) was going to be painted the same color as the siding. Maybe that's still going to happen.
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There's been still more rain and the tan clay-silt mud is back; that happens every time it rains and this summer there has been a lot of rain. 

I'm very disappointed that additional soil still has not been added over the top of this awful slippery, sticky stuff and graded. I've been hoping since last spring that I would be able to work in the "yard" before bad weather. The "soil" is really terrible stuff.
Can you find the yellow dog (Kata) on the yellow clay-silt?

I need to talk with Brian-the-architect about the position of a few of the electrical stuffs. We've stressed to Brandon that wall space is at a premium and reserved for paintings; the wall switch near the rear door-wall should, in my opinion, be moved over one space closer to the door. The wall switch on the south wall in the dining area of the Gathering Room should be vertical, if possible, instead of horizontal in order to leave more room for large paintings. Also the lights over the dining room table should be moved over one stud to the north or else the dining room table will be too close to that wall.

The day was overcast and muggy so my photos of those spaces did not turn out as good as I would have liked. They look foggy.

I've been talking with Diego about putting in a small fish and water lily pond east of the house; that cannot be done until the area is graded and I'd like the pond done before winter - which comes earlier up there than down here in Royal Oak.

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