Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Jeff Taylor, the mason who did the basement, was back again today and did some stone work on the wall.
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Jeff was here the other day and the outdoor chimney stone work has been finished.

The painters still have not finished the exterior work which is very frustrating. Clair says they are waiting to add soil (clay and topsoil) and to grade the land until after the stone mason is finished and the painters are done with the outdoor painting. It's easier, I was told - and it makes sense - to do the stone work when the soil level is lower than the wall because the mason doesn't have to bend over to work. 

Mary stopped painting the exterior of my house more than a week ago to start another job; as we all know, that's the way many builders and/or contractors work. 

I'm anxious to have the fence company install the fence so I have a safe enclosure for the dogs; they cannot do the fence until the ground is ready. It has to be amended and leveled first. Jim Dawson is going to come in with wood chips so they dogs will not be tracking in dirt all winter. I am also anxious to do some planting before colder weather arrives.

Brandon has excavated and laid an underground conduit for the electrical wiring from the utility pole under the driveway to the house and also finished some wiring on the inside. 

More plumbing work has been done inside as well.

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