Thursday, December 12, 2013

Blanda's Blikki Lazy River of Jurassic Valley

Years ago when I first got her from Iceland, my wonderful Icelandic Sheepdog Kersins Kata surprised me by climbing trees to catch birds. Of course, OF COURSE, no one believed me.
Just now my friend Ruth Laub who lives in Switzerland sent these photos to FaceBook and is allowing me to share them on my blog.
She bred Blanda's Blikki Lazy River of Jurassic Valley (above) - I love, love, love her kennel name, don't you? - Blikki was climbing trees to get bugs that are destroying their trees. Ruth calls them Asiatic bugs and I suspect that they are the same bugs that came over here to Michigan in wooden palates and destroyed our Ash trees. We are destroying our planet - wholesale - on all fronts at once.

I suspect that Blikki and Kata (below) are distant cousins - don't they look just a little alike to you?
In former times our dogs lived out in the wilds with flocks of sheep and horses for parts of the year and often had to supplement their diets by foraging for small rodents, birds, etc. They are extremely smart and adaptable.

You can search for Lazy River of Jurassic Valley to find out more about Ruth's dogs. Please do.

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