Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No new photos today - too cold.

Brian and I went up to the house today to meet with Clair who was working there with Ryan and Eric. We played with the two barn beams that Ron and Clair had found and decided where to cut them and where to hang them for the two mantles. Clair said the limestone for the hearths should be delivered tomorrow.

Mary Ramisch joined us a little later and we talked about what colors we were going to paint the walls now that the drywall work is finished. Mary said they would start with the primer tomorrow followed by two coats of paint. The primer will be sprayed on. 

I think the colors are going to be wonderful! The bathroom and the outer walls around the bathroom are going to be the same color - dark. The rest of the walls are going to be another color, same palate but lighter. It is so nice to (finally) be at this stage. I'll have to ask Brian to remind me what the names of the colors are. We used Sherwin-Williams to decide on the colors but Mary will actually use Pittsburgh paint instead.

We talked about the switch plates, plug plates, and heat vent covers. Mary will have the wooden heat vent covers stained to match the floor; the plates will be metal and painted the same colors as the walls.

We also talked about the wood floors and chose red oak with a very interesting dark stain; later Brian and I talked about possible laminate colors for the counter tops; Brian will look for something fun and appropriate.

At the time, unfortunately, I did not realize that Ryan, who I had not met before, is a landscaper. I asked Clair earlier if he knew someone who could build be a gold fish pond. I think Ryan is the person he mentioned.

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