Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fur Length

Those of you who know me know that I slightly prefer shorter furred Icelandics. I like the somewhat neater look and I definitely love the, for me at least, easier to care for shorter furred dogs.
                                                                  Kersins Kata

                                                                Vinlands Totty

A question came up about the fur length on the tails of shorter furred Icelandics. Their tails look more like bristle brushes. Longer furred Icelandics have long fur on their tails also, of course.
                                                            Vinlands Piaf - Pila

                                                              Vinlands Sunna
Here are a few of my Icelandics (above) showing the shorter fur length on their tails and two longer furred Icelandics (below) for comparison. Look at their lovely tails. Please do NOT get me wrong. I LOVE them all. I hope we collectively never prefer one fur length to the exclusion of the other.

Below are longer furred Icelandics.
                                                             Alaskastadirs Korpur

                                                            Vinlands Wodin

All of these Icelandics, in my opinion, are beautiful, handsome dogs. I love the variety in our breed. May the amazing variety of fur length, fur colors, color patterns, et cetera always be part of their heritage. I hope we never lose the diversity.

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