Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Che Sera, Sera!

When I sold my home in Royal Oak, my realtor, Ron Rocz of Real Estate One, suggested I put $1000.00 in an escrow account in case a suspected roof or window leak was causing suspected ceiling damage. I was unaware of the issue. I was told the money would stay in the escrow account for two months from closing, back in early September, - just in case there was a problem. If nothing showed up, then the money would be returned to me. I thought that was fair and I agreed. I've asked about the possible repairs and the money (for me that's a lot of money especially after paying a 6% commission on the sale) three times. It's been three months. That's just my opinion. Che Sera, Sera. I've asked. Again. Now I'll let it go. But I will respond with my opinion should anyone ask.

It's not much but it's still kind of pretty, isn't it - took a long peaceful walk today in the snow flurries, strong wind, and cold - Amazing! Beautiful! Quiet!

Backyard with Evergreen Forest & Pole Barn
I'm wondering if the leaning white pine will eventually fall. Che Sera, Sera. (Or should it be: Que Sera, Sera? I don't know.) "Falling Pines" - good name, ain't it?
Front Yard with Lake Huron

It's just a frosting of snow but it is pretty nevertheless. The orange-blue tarps cover my wood pile. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

I unofficially co-own several Icelandic Sheepdogs, including at least three males - all imported from Iceland or Europe to add diversity, to increase the gene pool, and, hopefully, to ensure a healthier future population. I've always encouraged people to import dogs, both males and females, when possible. I also have encouraged people to use the North American (Canada and the U.S.) Icelandic Sheepdogs whose ancestors have been here for a long time, many generations in some cases. In my opinion, we use too few of those good old North American dogs but that's another story.

Totty came into season. She is six years old now, will soon be seven, and has had two litters, two great litters. I wanted her to have at least one more litter. Her seasons have been irregular, like her mother Kria. (Usually Kria had seasons about eleven months apart but once had them two months apart!) Totty's last season was about ten or eleven months ago. I wanted to breed her this season but none of the males I wanted to use was available. I had six really nice boys in mind. One had had too many pups, two were MIA, two were unavailable because of emergencies, one was a no-show. So, I'm hoping like her mom, Totty will come into season at a more convenient time. Could she have a litter at the age of eight? I don't know. Perhaps that's too old. Che Sera, Sera! We'll wait and see.

I heard a great line voiced by an older person from a recent DVD: "The fact that there is little to separate the days is a great gift." Think about it! When my Dad was having memory issues a doctor/evaluator asked:  "What's the date today?" and "What day is it?" In my humble opinion, that's a question you would expect from a Type A doctor, isn't it? Retired and/or older people don't really care. Che Sera, Sera!

I'm heading to Bob & Jamie's in Sandusky for lunch today. Roni suggested the steak wrap. Can't wait!

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