Saturday, February 17, 2018

February Thaw? February 17, 2018

My Icelandic Sheepdogs Korpur and Kata are experiencing longer days as the sun rises earlier and sets later. Korpur wants everyone to know that's snow on his face not dandruff. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

First Light This Morning

 Yesterday on an iceberg larger than this one I saw an adult pair of bald eagles apparently feeding on a fish. I didn't have my camera ready - charging the battery - so by the time I got things reassembled, they were gone.

Whether they are "mourning doves" or "morning doves" I love them. Their plaintive cooing is evocative on summer mornings.

There's a pile of wood chips back by the pole barn left from when workers were clearing branches and trees from the overhead electric wires. Perhaps this spring I will move them to the garden areas. Today two of my deer were enjoying playing king (or queen) of the mountain - well, hill actually. Last year a doe had triplets; I still see mom and babes although they are almost fully grown now. These are two of the three fawns. Heat from the decaying chips often melts snow on the top making it look like a friar's haircut or a kippa.

I opened a new box today!!

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