Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pine/Spruce Seeds

Notice the reflection of the faint February sun on a patch of open water this morning on Lake Huron. The Game of Thrones Rock had a cap of snow-frosting. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Beach combing finds are turned into found art here. We've found some great pieces of driftwood and even a piece of rusty metal with embedded stones. Imagination turns them into memories.

I'm lucky that I have a short walk to my mailbox. (I've been told that's because of a certain politician whose mistress used to live on my road. Things happened, concessions were made to make life easier for her.That may or not have been true. Regardless, I benefited.) On the walk through the snow this afternoon I noticed dozens of tiny maple-tree-like seeds from the spruce trees wind-scattered on top of the fresh snow. The penny is for size comparison. If you can remember those helicopter-like maple seeds, look at their tiny counterparts from the evergreen trees. The conifers predate the more recent arrival of deciduous trees. A successful strategy persists.

Looking back at the house from the mailbox. More snow tonight and tomorrow. February. The shortness of the month belies its weather. (Does that sentence make sense?) February has always seemed like the longest month to me. The goldfinches are patiently waiting in their tree for me to add more niger to their feeder. (And the hawks are probably waiting too.)

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