Saturday, December 1, 2018

Vinlands Elisabeth and Veronica in East Lansing

Icelandic Sheepdog Vinlands Elisabeth had almost completed her American Kennel Club Championship but just returned from Donna Staton to live in Michigan with Veronica Dowling. She and Barbara Beers showed dogs in the ring today and Betty (maybe? - they're working on a new call name because "Lizzie" is too close in sound to two dogs Roni has) finished!! Here's the latest photo from Barb. (Clicking on photos enlarges them.)

I was so glad I had a chance to drive over and down to East Lansing to watch her compete. Considering she hasn't been here in Michigan for even a week yet, she did very well. The judge even said she hoped more short coated Icelandics would be shown.

I had forgotten the noise, tension, confusion, and smells of dog shows; it has been many years now since I've felt up to going. I ran into several old friends and had nice chats. I wish I'd had a chance to watch the agility trials but I really had to get back on the road before the rain/sleet/snow started.

I was just about to write "Betty and Veronica in the ring" and that made my mind flash back to the comic book series with Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica. I know. I realize that dates me. T.S.

Regardless, Veronica and her new Icelandic today in Ring 7 at the east Lansing dog show. Roni and Barb also showed Cola (Hidow Sweetness Overload) today

I think the bonding has started.

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