Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The non-migrating Canada geese gather on the water outside my home, for the safety of nights on the waters of Lake Huron I suspect, and then in the morning, they take flight in large but separate bands and move inland to feed. They are far enough away that their almost continuous nocturnal honking doesn't penetrate the house and can only be heard by standing on the porch.

First Light Photos are sometimes more interesting than the actual rising of the sun. I've always appreciated the softer colors of first lights. The next five shots were taken the same morning - two first lights and then three shots of the quasar-like actual sunrise.

On Tuesday I visited the Royal Oak Cemetery graves of my grandparents and found a grave blanket marking their graves. I doubt any grandchildren, who are far-flung all over the US, planted it so one wonders - - - - - Who, why?

It seems that most of the winter storms so far have been much further south of us here. The grass here is still green, perhaps frozen green but, nevertheless, green.

Kria has been sick, upset tummy, the last few days. She has been a healthy dog all her life but she turned fourteen last spring so one can't help but be concerned when she suffers.

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