Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Vinlands Elisabeth - Vinlands Ulfbehrta Kit

American Kennel Club Icelandic Sheepdogs Vinlands Ulfbehrta Kit ("Kit") and Vinlands Elisabeth were both measured recently using a wicket marked in fractions of inches. Kit measured 15 6/8 inches and Elisabeth measured 15 7/8 inches which put them both very close to the suggested standard.

Here are some photos of Elisabeth and Roni Dowling taken last weekend by Jeff Schmidt. Jeff and Colleen are the owners of Kit's and Elisabeth's sire Kross Gola Kelinn ("Calvin"). Elisabeth finished her American Kennel Club Championship on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Huge congratulations Roni and Elisabeth.

Vinlands Ulfbehrta Kit

Sire: - Kros Gola Kelinn ("Calvin")
Colleen Schmidt

Dame: - Vinlands Totty
Ann Keil

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