Monday, March 9, 2020

Black Monday? Plague Monday?

My first dog, Pepsi, was born today many years ago. Much missed and always remembered. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

Turkey vultures are back, a sure sign of spring here. So are red-wing blackbirds, and American Robins (Turdus migratorius).

The witch hazel, Hamamelis, opened last weekend. I was pleased. My Icelandic Sheepdogs? not so much.

My favorite hellebore, Helleborus foetidus, is about to flower too. I love it because it is so reliably winter hardy, flowers very early, and self seeds. 

The winter aconites, Eranthis, bloom much earlier and are, by me anyway, more appreciated than later arriving crocus.The early wild bees, emerging from hibernation now, enjoy their nectar and pollen this time of the year. Like the hellebore above, winter aconites easily self sow. 

Soon the male catkins of the hazelnuts will be shedding pollen for the inconspicuous female flowers. Last year for the first time several nuts appeared (and the few squirrels missed them!).

There is much talk of the corona virus and the mishandling of the developing crisis. Elderly folks are supposed to avoid crowds. How, one wonders? The oil problems and the stock market collapse is adding to the state of unease here. Our stable mental genius with his great and unmatched wisdom and his strategically brilliant mind will most certainly handle things and help us with these issues.

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