Friday, January 31, 2014

Between Winter Storms - January 31, 2014

January 31, 2014 - they tell us this is the worst January ever in Michigan; we've had, they say, three times the 'normal' amount of snow. Me? I did not mind. As long as the barn stays warm enough to store the things I've been taking up to the thumb, I'm OK. 

On the driveway of my property this morning I saw my first wild turkey. I knew they were there but had never seen one. At first, for a second, I thought it was a Blue Heron, but it was a tall, black, thin, skinny even, pterodactyl-looking thing. Gradually it goose-stepped its way off the road and into the evergreen forest. I hope I see more of them and often.

Clair said that some mice got into some bird seed I was storing in the barn. He cleaned up the mess the mice left and removed the seeds; I didn't see any evidence of the mice today but just in case, I set some traps for them.
The washer and dryer have been moved from the garage and are hooked up and probably working - although I haven't tried them yet. The railing is by the stairs leading to the basement. Clair will have it stained and varnished, it it hasn't already been done.
                              Clicking on photos enlarges them.
The medicine cabinet has been moved up so that the medicine cabinet door, when it swings open, doesn't hit the faucet. The medicine cabinet has not be re-installed and the light over the medicine cabinet isn't up yet. There must have been problem with one drawer; there's a gap where the drawer should be and it's across the hall in the pantry cupboard. It looks like the toilet is connected, there's water in the bowl - - but I didn't try it  - - yet. The towel racks and toilet paper holder are there and will be up soon; the handicapped bars for the toilet and shower are also there but not installed. The sliding doors on the three hallway storage closets are painted, in place, and working well!
The range, microwave, garbage disposal, and dishwasher are in installed and connected - I think. (The blue plastic on the range is a protective covering. You may have noticed that the windows and door-walls also have protective plastic on them.) It looks like the kitchen faucet is also in place now. There is cardboard and sections of old carpeting on the oak floor and cardboard on the counter tops to protect the finish.
It looks like maybe the final coat of paint has been applied to the walls now. The cold air returns, the switch plates, and the plug plates still have to be painted and screwed in place but things are moving along nicely. The south closet and laundry lights are up. The dimmer switches still have to be installed.
Today was a cloudy, overcast day but the rooms were bright and pleasant. For a while I sat in a lawn chair in the central room looking out over Lake Huron - gem├╝tlichkeit - peace, perfect peace. I have not asked "when" it will be finished - but I'm hoping it will be ready by the middle of April.

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