Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Morning, January 26, 2014

Yikes - the trip up today was great - the sun is rising earlier and that might be a promise that the really tough winter we're having might eventually come to an end. Maybe.

I went up to take the window shades and the light fixtures for the bathroom, laundry, and south closet. Per instructions, I also took up two towel racks and a toilet paper holder for the bathroom. I left them in the garage for Clair.

Apparently not much was done this week. The pantry doors are painted and up. I didn't check on the finish of the "handles". They should be the same finish as the door handles. The latch for the pocket door for the bathroom is in place. The medicine cabinet has been raised so that it can be opened without hitting the sink fixtures. That wall will have to be re-painted.

It looks like some of the walls have been painted again and the color does not look the same as what was up there before. Clicking on the photos enlarges them.
The molding along the floor in the alcove (below) is a different color from the walls - I don't think that was the plan - Brian? Maybe it's not finished yet.
Brian suggested that Clair use a section of the barn beam - that was used for the two mantels - as a support for the kitchen counter extension (See below). Good idea, IMO. I hope that will work. The counter-extension is in front of the immovable part of the west door-wall. I thought that would be a really cool place to eat breakfast with views south, east, west, and north. That one view brings in nature from all directions.
The trip back was unpleasant - close to blizzard conditions: horizontal blowing and drifting snow, snow-covered expressway roads, too-slow or too-fast traffic, many cars without their lights on making them difficult to see in white-out conditions, and quickly worsening conditions.

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