Sunday, January 12, 2014

Harmony and Form* - Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lately the temps have been about -20 F here with lots of snow so I've missed seeing how things have been progressing. The south neighbors pool resources to keep the 1500 foot "road" in plowed. If you click on the photos, they enlarge.
I couldn't resist taking this first photo - the colors in the sky and Lake Huron - dark-grays, blue-grays, steel-grays, light-grays, and even several shades of pink are mirrored in the paint, the floor, and fireplace stones. I love the textured and many hued skies of winter. Someone suggested I cut down the Basswood tree (Tilia americana) also known as a lime tree on the left of the above photo because it obstructed the view. I think it frames the view actually, and makes it even more interesting, don't you?
Clair and Eric have been busy putting oak flooring in place and it looks like they are more than half done; maybe you can see the appearance of texture and shades of gray in the flooring, like today's sky, too. I even see some hints of red or pink! It's almost like Brian planned that, eh?
Of course it isn't done and there's a fine layer of work-dust on the floor. The unpainted door on the back (south) wall will be painted the same color as the walls and, hopefully, "disappear". (The red pieces of plastic bag on the ceiling cover and protect the smoke detectors until the work is finished. You can see them better when the photos are enlarged.)
Brandon has also been busy putting in the overhead lighting; it looks like the spots are completed and the recessed lighting looks finished as well. (Can you see the difference between the recessed lights and the pin spots?)

* - with apologies to Brian Howard -
(If you cannot go to Brian's website directly by clicking on the above address, highlight, copy, and paste that website address into your browser. It's worth a look.)

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