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Icelandic Sheepdog Puppies

Sandi has two male Icelandic Sheepdog puppies available from her most recent litter. Djatur (possibly pronounced Dee-ater?) is above his brother Andi in the photo below.
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The boys were born on November 24, 2013 and are old enough now to leave home. They are both tri-colored and long haired. Tricolor means they are predominantly black with tan "points" on their legs, as eyebrows, and on their cheeks; it also means they have some white fur: hence the name "tricolor" - three colored.
Three photos above of Djatur - Look at that face! His eyebrows are less noticeable, less pronounced which gives him a kind of curious or "surprised" look - maybe. He has a larger amount of white on the tip of his tail than Andi. Sandi has fallen for this boy! Both boys will have great tails like dad and mom.
Two photos of Andi above. He has more tan on his cheeks, larger eyebrows, and a little more tan/white on his legs.He looks like he's a little more mischievous to me, a sign of intelligence, perhaps.

Both boys would be great pets, very good for breeding, and excellent for the agility ring; Andi has double dewclaws on both rear legs which is one of the traits for Icelandic Sheepdogs. Andi and Djatur both have ears that are already almost "up" - another Icelandic Sheepdog trait.

The father of the litter is Leiru Huni who was bred by Jóninna Hjartardóttir in Iceland and imported to California. He is also a long haired tricolor. Isn't he handsome? The upper photo is a more recent adult photo. I love his intelligent-looking eyes and that show dog stack. I think the boys will look a lot like dad when they are full grown. (If you look closely at Huni you can see his blaze has almost disappeared.)

Their mother is Blackstar Birta (above) who was bred by Sandi. She's a beautiful female, isn't she? Birta's ancestry goes back to the old North American Palmahaus Kennel. Some of you may remember that there was a disastrous kennel fire many years ago and many Palmahaus dogs were lost. Sandi has worked hard to preserve that heritage and has produced many pups with the rare cream color.

Besides the Plamahaus line, there is quite a bit of diversity in the background of these puppies with ancestors from Iceland, Canada, the Netherlands, and the US. There are many well known kennels behind them.

This is a four generation pedigree (above) showing some of the ancestors and kennels in the background of these boys. Clicking on the above pedigree will enlarge it somewhat. Sandi has a more complete pedigree showing more Palmahaus dogs and more ancestors.

Ask Sandi or me if you'd like to see a more detailed pedigree or if you'd like to find out more about the boys.

Many of Sandi's dogs have earned multiple agility titles in the American Kennel Club. The letters after Birta, Loki, and Perla's names on the pedigree above are for AKC agility titles.

You can contact Sandi by copying and pasting her email address below.
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Or you can contact me if you'd like more information: -

UPDATE: It looks like Andi has found his forever home - - - - and he has a girlfriend waiting for him there too. 

Djatur is available but he won't last long! If you're interested, send Sandi an email!

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