Friday, November 14, 2014

Port Huron

I haven't been to or through Port Huron for many weeks. My 45 minute trip - each way - for my root canal reminded me of how far I am from those "conveniences". I have to go back to have the antibiotic plugs removed in three weeks. Once the bacteria are dead, the bone should regrow - he said. He used a dental dam to work on the tooth - the best experience I've ever had, dentist-wise. I love it up here so the trade off is worth it. After I got back up to the house, I had to go to the pharmacy in Sandusky, 30 minutes each way, to get pain killers (not needed) and penecillin. (I just heard that people who think they are allergic to penicillin might instead be allergic to the K (potassium) that is used with penicillin. How interesting is that?) I know this will sound strange. I love the drives! The scenery is gorgeous.

The last time I was at TSC (Tractor Supply Company) I bought two bird feeders, one for thistle on the left above with goldfinches attached, the other for sunflower oilers. (My Dad used to call goldfinches "American Canaries". Maybe that's why I've always loved canaries.) I like the metal roofed sunflower feeder; it mirrors the metal roof on the house. The bird feeder Kathy gave me last year is still OK but it has cracked, maybe because of the cold; however, I can still use it. All three are filled and working. I'm amazed by the number (dozens) of goldfinches that quickly arrived along with a few chickadees, nuthatches, downy woodpeckers, cardinals, juncos, a fat and happy black cat, etc.

Again with the sunrises. I love the blue-purple clouds over Canada in the first shot. Clicking enlarges.

David suggested that I move some wood from the piles into my garage so that it is easier to get to later when the cold and snow arrive. Much wiser older brother! We have great conversation - mostly about science but also about politics, religion. It surprises me how much alike we, and his wife Carolyn, are in our opinions. The next time it warms up a bit, I'll move some wood. I love working outside - even in cold weather

It's cold now, below freezing, but so far no snow; that seems to be going further south down to Tennessee, Kentucky, and even Georgia again this year. There is often a very thin layer of ice on the pond now but so far it melts in the sun after a few hours. That won't last. I turned the heat on in the utility room of the pole barn to prevent the water lines from freezing. The water in the pole barn is from a beach well; the house has city water.

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