Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Two Suns

You know how much I love watching the sunrises here! Every single time I repeat my Father's saying, "Red at night, sailors' delight; red in morning, sailors take warning." Of course these days the sunrise is almost always "red" because of world-wide pollution. (I've always heard that it's the particles in the sky that reflect the sun giving the sky that red cast.)

This (above) was what I saw first - then a few short minutes later: -
It started to look other-worldly, like one of those twin sunned worlds from Star Trek.

Of course I didn't believe it so I took more than one photo. They were not photo shopped.

It's probably some kind of reflection caused by ice crystals or water droplets - nevertheless, it was awesome to see.

This one turned out best I think.

Well this morning there were two suns. This really is what it looked like. I wonder what my favorite weatherman, Keenan Smith from Channel 7, would say?

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