Thursday, November 20, 2014

Yellow Paphiopedalums

A few years ago I bought a yellow Paphiopedilum  (aka Lady Slippers for pretty obvious reasons) at the Eastern Market in Detroit - which I really miss going to now. I like my winter flowering plants because they help bridge the gap between the late fall and the early spring gardens. There are also dozens and dozens of native, wild species, spring blooming, yellow Paphs back in the woods near the pole barn.

A migrating white crowned sparrow - not related to the so-called English sparrow which is really a weaver finch native to Africa.

The vegetation is now gone from Nordmark so I currently have a 180 degree view of Lake Huron, which had a thin sheet of ice that stretched out about 100 yards this morning but has melted now. After the surface of the lake freezes, evaporation virtually ceases.  I apologize to the folks who live in Buffalo, NY! Their excessive snowfalls came from evaporation from Lakes Huron and Erie. I want to keep our water here in order for lake levels to remain high!

Most or all of these birds are Pine Siskins.Talk about protective camouflage! You will have to look very closely to see the birds in the last photo! Clicking on photos enlarges them.

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