Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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The sun rose for the second morning of my Icelandic Sheepdog puppies' lives on earth - hope that doesn't sound too profound. Of course their eyes aren't open yet and won't be for several days still so they can't see the amazing sunrises here.

In the photos below Totty is starting a short break from nursing which at this age is reliably constant. Someone asked today if any pups are still available. Yes. There should be a puppy application above on the right for anyone who might be interested. The father, Kross Gola Kelinn, is an AKC champion with several agility titles earned with his mom Kim. Vinlands Totty is an AKC Grand Champion and has her performance CGC and RN titles. There are copies of their pedigrees and many photos in previous posts; they're also available on request. Clicking on photos enlarges them.
I love the "puppy piles" mothers leave when they take feeding or potty breaks. The pups are somehow rounded up for mutual comfort and security before she goes.
I can be contacted by email: jaimehansen1@frontier.com

I see deer crossing my neighbors' properties several times a day but have never taken photos of them. So today I thought I'd try. Just as I started photographing them, a hawk swooped in to try and get a bird from the feeder. I'd been wondering why my birds were being so skittish and suspected a hawk.

I'm going to try and identify the species of hawk.

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