Thursday, February 5, 2015

LEE LEE - Gold Grand Champion Vinlands Leifur

Vinlands Leifur, an Icelandic Sheepdog owned by Jennifer Sanders, earned his American Kennel Club Gold Grand Championship today.  Lee Lee is the first Icelandic to earn this advanced conformation title in the Unites States.

The above photo of Lee was taken earlier
AKC judge Betty Jo Patrick and handler Nina M. Fetter
Lee in a relaxed pose.

A Head Shot by Jenifer Brimmer

Lee's handler today was Nina M. Fetter, the AKC judge finishing Lee's Gold Grand Championship was James Frederiksen, and the event was sponsored by the Central Indiana Kennel Club at their Indy Winter Classic in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Lee with proud "Mom" Jennifer.

Isabella by Jenifer Brimmer

Some people have asked to see a copy of Lee's pedigree. Clicking will enlarge it a bit:  -
Lee's Four Generation Pedigree


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