Monday, February 16, 2015

First Individual Photos

There are four girls and two boys:
1. the first born - a tan shade male puppy with very dark hairs over the tan which may be protective coloration for pups born in the field with sheep; he has a small blaze and a collar and looks almost black for now. He was so black when he was born that I thought he was a tricolor - until he dried off, below

2. the second born is a chocolate tricolor (chocolate & tan, with white) female like mom, below

3. a tan female puppy with a black muzzle mask that's going to look a lot like her dad Calvin, below
4.  a tan shade chocolate male with a blaze, collar, and split chocolate mask, below

5. a black tricolor (black & tan with white) female which is almost completely black (the tan points develop as puppies grow), below

6. a tan shade chocolate female with a chocolate muzzle mask with a small spot on her back that will look like Calvin except she will be chocolate - I think, below

The six puppies, here with and Totty, were not happy to be photographed individually.
Phew! Lunch Time!!

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