Friday, February 13, 2015

Totty and Kelinn

Totty, our pregnant Icelandic Sheepdog, exploring "her" yard. Her full belly is now virtually scraping the ice and snow; it won't be long. Monday, February 16, 2015 is the 63rd day after her first tie with Calvin. I've never guessed right before re: delivery date, maybe this time? Clicking on photos enlarges them.

This will be Calvin's first litter and Coleen Schmidt and I are looking forward to seeing the pups! We know the color genes Totty carries and we've been guessing at Calvin's. This is very exciting!

Kross Gola Kelinn
They make a very handsome couple, don't they!
I think that I've mis-identified some birds in my yard. At the bird feeders I see lots of redpolls; males have quite a bit of red on the head and chests, females have less. I think the first few times I saw them earlier this winter the young birds had no red coloring and I might have thought they were pine siskins. The most common birds at my feeders are goldfinches, followed by redpolls, purple finches, slate colored juncos, chickadees, mourning doves, and cardinals. I also have downy woodpeckers, nuthatches, blue jays, brown creepers, red bellied woodpeckers making appearances at my suet cages. High in the trees I see cedar waxwings and blue birds. A bald eagle flies over occasionally and I do see wild turkeys but rarely here.

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