Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yesterday was a bright, sunny day so I decided to take a trip down to see Terry at Rose Frame Shop; one of my first purchases, a large Saff etching, was beginning to burst its frame and needed to be fixed before something bad happened. It was a GREAT day for driving surrounded by horrible weather before and now after.

One day last week, the sky wasn't blue but the clouds were! Clicking on photos enlarges them.

It's fiercely blowing this morning - again. Greg and Daren should have come yesterday because the weather was really quite nice but no, they're here today instead. They have a knack for coming up to work when the weather is really, really bad. I'm beginning to get anxious about having the projects finished; it is so hard for them to make progress with all the bad weather we've been having.

I think that even the dogs are tired of this. It's like February here now. The poor early spring flowers like crocuses, snowdrops, winter aconites, species irises, wind flowers, etc. were all open, the daffodils were up and budded ready to burst. I wonder if they will be frozen. Ah, if so, then next year. It's hard NOT to believe we are being punished for not replenishing the earth like warned to do.

I've made recent two trips to Tractor Supply to re-stock sunflower and niger seeds and buy more suet for my pampered wild birds; I thought I'd be finished feeding by now. I know they're grateful but really!

Sunrise from last week before this latest cold snap, snow even then. The wind has been howling; hope the freighters, which had been reappearing, are safe in a harbor somewhere.

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