Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Post Endodontist

As I sat down to add to the blog, I saw a deer wander into my front yard; the dogs were obviously not doing their job so I had to remind them. Chaos ensued and the bad deer was chased away.

We haven't had a frost yet but probably soon. Anemones are at their peak now and the pink volunteer annual Cosmos are still going strong.

The leaves are about half down so I can now see Lake Huron again through my north woods. Sisters Pila and Totty are always near each other doing what female dogs do. On the bright side, Kit is very much like mom Totty and they get along great; speak the same language which gives Pila a nice break.

About a year and a half or two years ago my dentist noticed I had an issue with an infection on my number three tooth (an upper right molar) so he sent me to an endodontist in Port Huron about an hour away. The problem was not fixed, however, because the infection has been festering, although I didn't notice anything until recently. A quick visit to my dentist got me another referral to an different endodontist in Saginaw about 1 3/4 hours away. So early yesterday morning before the sun was up I set off. The weather was fantastic; the drive back was gorgeous with autumn colors approaching peak here. The staff there was great and he was very kind. The actual procedure took only about ten minutes. The bone was 'gone' from around a fractured third root which was beneath the gum only. He peeled back the gum, cut the offending root off (amputation, he called it), removed some of the infected bone, and sewed me back up. He took notice of the long trip and arranged things so that I would not have to return. I miss the convenience of being near everything like I was in Royal Oak. The trade off is I love most stuff up here. Politically my neighbors and I could not be more different but most are nice enough. I've had a long life time of keeping things to myself so life remains pretty much the same regardless, eh?

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