Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A morning earlier this week.
Fall is here.

The Monarchs are tanking up for the migration south.

The wooly bears don't seem to have the middle black stripe;
Does that mean something?

Masses of Turkey Vultures in the sky above the edge of Lake Huron:
I counted as many as forty at a time soaring high, high above the beach.
Clicking on photos enlarges them.

The Cosmos self-seeded abundantly.

Sadly, my twisted trunk persimmon bonsai did not make it 
through the winter. It was about 30 years old.

A French variety of melon - yummy.

Masses of bloom still. 
Even my Autumn Orange daylily continues to dazzle

So many Colchicums and so much variety

I planted the Michalemas Daisies in the back of the border 
because the literature told me to. They will need to moved to the front.

Kit is back "home". I took her to Sandusky for her first vet appointment at 9:00 a.m Town and Country Vets. It takes me more than half an hour to get to Sandusky and, as usual, I arrived early, Thanks Mom and Dad. Alas, I waited for more than 45 minutes then left to do errands without seeing Dr. Sandford. When I returned about half an hour later she had come - - - and gone. So another 30+ minutes back home. 

Look. I understand. If there's an emergency, I don't mind. However, wouldn't it be nice if they let one know? (I do not know if there was indeed an emergency.) If I lived right around the corner or five or ten minutes away, fine.

Korpur and Bear really are good friends

 Regal Korpur

Sunrise this morning. 
I would have stayed in bed a little longer 
if I had known how the day would unfold.

Even the wildflowers are fall-turning.

Moss colonizing a fallen tree.

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