Saturday, October 22, 2016


This week started with great Michigan fall weather, hope's promise fulfilled. Things went downhill quickly and it's rained every day for a week because Lake Huron's water is warm and the air cold - they said.Evaporation and condensation. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

I love seeing the rain fall in the distance just short of the earth's curve. I often wonder about my choices. Rationalizing daily, even hourly, that I am no more alone here than I was there. There's absolutely no denying that it's beautiful here although I have Hamlet's genes.

I took Kit, her accidents are now less frequent, to Town and Country Vet in Sandusky yesterday for a check up. (The vet missed Kit's first appointment.)  Kit's accidents are fewer and less troubling. She was measured and is 15" tall at the withers and weighs 20#.  The standard for Icelandics does not mention weight. Females should be 16"; males 18" I think. I honestly thought I might be done with dogs. Pila and Totty, the youngest two I had before her arrival, were each almost nine years old. Korpur, Bear, Kata, Kria are older than nine. That would have given them and me a few years before oblivion.

Kit is the height of her grandmother Kria, directly behind her in the above photo. Kria is and always has been broader through her chest though. Since I got her back about three weeks ago I have been wondering if I should breed Kit when she's over two. I think the well may have been poisoned and it may therefore be hard to find a mate. He should be slightly larger than most males to compensate for her size. The idea may be moot for several reasons, however.

I will have to go to an endodontist in Saginaw on Monday. My previous endodontist was in Port Huron. The infection at the base of my number three tooth, upper right maxilla, that ought to have been cured over a year and a half ago, is still there. Apparently some of the bone is "gone" now. I'm on a course of strong penicillin until Monday. I'm guessing that the trip will take two hours each way; I don't know how long the actual visit will take, I hate leaving my dogs alone for that long. My local dentist discussed several possible courses of treatment, all frightening frankly. The consequences of living longer mean that the quality of life diminishes inversely. Yuck. I always thought (and hoped frankly) that I would go before my partner.

One foot in front of the other, forward.

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