Sunday, June 11, 2017

Heat Wave?

Kria the thirteen years old Icelandic Sheepdog and her nine years old daughter Totty are mistresses of all they survey!

 One day - - - -  I would love to take a cruise ship along the shore of Lake Huron. I wonder where this one came from and where it's going to.

The moon last night looked like cheddar cheese! 

Wild yellow swamp iris with some Japanese iris in the foreground and in the second and third photos below a wild iris that I got from Hughes gardens decades ago. Pretty but it lacks the smell or size of more modern irises.

For years I tried to grow sweet William. Here it grows easily and spreads. Go figure!

I realize that Dane's Rocket is probably an "alien" but it's lovely and also smells very, very nice. Mine are from back in Royal Oak but there are pink and white roadside patches of it everywhere here.

I don't have luck with tea roses; the various kinds of rugosa roses are easy. They don't get back spot, aren't fussy eaters, smell wonderful, and even spread by seeds. The down side? Each flower only last about a day and the thorns are vicious.

Below - several kinds of Heuchera, a new fern, a hosta.

Above - the porch geraniums with some lovely iris in front.

The peony below is shocking cherry pink and 
it was a gift from one of my garden companies.

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