Saturday, June 24, 2017

Rain, Rain, - - - Give us a break?

I'd sing the old "Rain, Rain, Go away, Come again another day." ditty but it might not be a good idea to wish for that. August could be a dry month. The ground is super saturated here now; we can't dry out between rains. The flowers and veggies love it but so do the weeds. Nevertheless, we get awesome skies.

Ed Duff Sky

My wild "Plains Garden" with Coreopsis

Mock Orange

Tradescantia and two species of Penstemon

The Love/Hate sisters Pila and Totty

Penstemon and Stachys

and Chamomile

Borrowed Poppy


Evening Primrose and Anemones

Evening Primrose, Penstemon, and Inula

Heliotrope (the real one) and Rugosa Rose

Heliotrope, Rugosa, Filbert

Pink double Rugosa

Waterlily and Cattails

Lovely reflection of cattails



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