Friday, June 2, 2017


The rununculus below are tough enough to withstand my Icelandic Sheepdogs which qualifies them for inclusion in the garden. Imported from nearby Port Sanilac, have just started flowering. Yes, they seem invasive but they are very pretty - and old fashioned - and tough. Before it was closed and each back yard was extended, there used to be a T-shaped alley that the garbage collectors used to pick up garbage cans from behind all the houses on my block. As kids we would use that back-door to visit and see into our neighbors' yards. I remember one neighbor in particular had rununculus, johnny-jump-ups, peonies, lilies of the valley, etc. Those plants must have added fuel to my already burgeoning interest in blooming plants. I realize that hybridizers have produced an amazing variety of better plants for the flower garden - and the vegetable garden too - but the old fashioned flowers will always have places in my yard. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Many of the astilbes scattered picturesquely around the yard are now in their third year of the "sleep, creep, leap" perennial plant cycle and are starting to look respectable.

I have three pairs of tree swallows getting very close to the egg laying phase of their first clutch of eggs. They fly so easily and joyously.

Behind the above pair of tree swallows on their nest box next to the bluff on the bluff Lake Huron was the freighter shown below. Water levels seem up again - I think the actual annual measurement of the cyclical ups and downs is taken some time in July or August.

The lens protector on my now former camera failed and the camera suffered at least two scratches which put blots on all my shots. After ironing out the usual computer issues that happen any time changes are made thanks to the helpful guys at the Tech Team AVS (Agri-Valley Services), I can now post some new shots. My thanks to the helpful guys at the Tech Team AVS (Agri-Valley Services).

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