Saturday, July 8, 2017

Port Sanilac, Michigan - Garden Walk 2 - Saturday, July 8, 2017

Port Sanilac is a small Michigan community on the western shores of Lake Huron, one of the Great Lakes. The people here are friendly, there's a nice harbor, docks, beaches, and loads of boats. Today I explored some of the amazing gardens in Port Sanilac and along the shores of Lake Huron north and south of the city.

The houses are warm, friendly, and inviting; the yards and gardens are amazing; photos don't do them justice.

This garden (below) belongs to Barb and John. Parts on the bluff are terraced and have alpine plants. There's a sprouting and potting greenhouse shed with seedlings and young plants waiting to gain strength before being planted outside. The variety of plants is astonishing a.s is their strength. I'm inspired. I saw plants here that I haven't seen since Langhammar, Gees Nursery, and Arrowhead Alpine days. I started at the last garden, the furthest south, because I was returning from my visit to Port Huron. Nothing prepard me for this masterpiece.Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

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