Saturday, January 13, 2018


Rick just came to plow the drive in and the driveway for the seventh time already this winter. Last winter he plowed only four times for the entire winter. The snow was virtually all gone, done in by warmer weather until this latest snow and cold arrived from the north. I think much of today's snow is lake affect snow - which usually is blown over to Canada. A slight shift in wind direction and voila.

It's often hard to decide which photos to post. I loved how soon after the sun rose, it seemed to disappear again between the clouds - of course we all know that's not how things happen but the look is there.

Then later on in the day there was a gap in the clouds overhead and a sliver of sun brightened a  narrow slice of Lake Huron. In the winter, I'll take what I get!

 Last winter I had many rosy flowers on my bonsai camellia. This winter for some reason the dogs (or a dog?) thought they would taste good. This is the only flower that made it and it barely escaped as tooth marks show. It didn't last long however. Perhaps they need the vitamin D as much as I do? If I remember, next winter I'll put the plant up on a bookshelf where it can get sunlight but be safe from dogs.


I think crows nested in a nearby tree last spring/summer. The dogs don't like them but I do. This one was perching on my Game of Thrones rock enjoying a leftover hot dog roll. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

I see by my calendar that here in Michigan the last two weeks of January are "normally" the coldest days of the year. I don't see how they can be colder and snowier than what we've been having in December and in January so far. The flower catalogs have been coming in and - - -  I don't see anything I want or need. So far.

Just talked with David and Carolyn about important things, thoughtful things. We had watched the two hour Nova special on Black Holes. Wow! Excellent stuff. Amazing brilliant minds. Thoughtful people. We had a wonderful talk about the ideas presented in that program. Bless our scientists and the work they do. That is exactly what I need to be thinking about instead of the orange menace currently living in our White House.

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