Monday, January 8, 2018

Winter - It's Frigid and It Snows

Of course it's really cold, it's winter and we just finished up twelve days in a row when the temperatures never got above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It's winter and we've had lots of snow. But I get out and go to the stores, I get out and pick up my mail, I get out and shovel the porches - all five of them, and I feed the birds, and the dogs have potty breaks. It's winter but the freighters are still running - so far. (Clicking on photos enlarges them.)

Freighter - They're still running day and night.

Morning/Mourning Doves

Omnipresent, Ubiquitous Goldfinches

My best winter-friend, Reliable-Rick the snow plow guy

Variegated Calamondin Orange 

This starter bonsai has flowered for me every winter for years. It even produces their small "oranges". If you've never smelled orange blossoms, you don't know what you're missing. I nearly lost it a few years ago but it's making a good comeback. Every year it reminds me of the time when I was a kid and we had to drive down to Florida to settle the estate of a then recently deceased "aunt". Was it Aunt Mabel? I never knew how she fit into the family. No one explained. She wasn't on any genealogy chart I saw, and I've seen them all. Regardless, the smell of citrus flowers and Aunt Mabel are forever linked. She might be glad to be remembered. Notice the snow right outside the window.


 Even in the almost middle of winter, that's technically January 24, there are beautiful things to see and enjoy both inside the house like the Calamondin Orange and outside. This bush above is one of several "wild" or species Viburnums here. It's probably 20 feet tall. I never see one on anyone else's property. I wonder why? Perhaps they cut them down thinking they're weed trees? Silly. Lovely white flowers in the spring and gorgeous Cardinal red berries all fall and winter.


It doesn't turn brown/gray and slushy here which, in my opinion, makes it more desirable, eh? Regardless: Pretty too.

Several years ago I knew a lady named Heather who had just started with Icelandic Sheepdogs. She had imported some really great dogs and even produced some very nice puppies but her life was cut too short. I have been thinking that if the right puppy or puppies came along, I would adopt (in my opinion that's a nicer word than "buy") it or them. Well there are two litters I'm very interested in pursuing. Winter, when the nights are long and the days are short, I get into trouble. The seed and flower catalogs arrive right after the first of the new year and I drool - and buy. This winter I'm feeling the same about Icies. Who knows. Ever. Regardless, I dream and fantasize and hurt no one.

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