Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Icelandic Sheepdogs - Contact Information

I've placed the order for the first printing of my new book "The Icelandic Sheepdog". I'm not sure when the first copies will arrive. I started back in October and it's been a long and pleasant journey to completion. I've enjoyed working with the very helpful, patient, and kind people at the publishing house - especially Jamie, Kirsten, and Brenda. Clicking on photos will enlarge them.

Front Cover with Korpur

Back Cover
I have placed my first order for books to sell. 
I don't know when they will arrive

If you want to purchase a book -
The cost will be $25.00 USD 
plus $6.00 for Shipping and Handling
Total = $31.00
(Contact Information below.*)

I spent most of the day on Tuesday running back and forth to the post office to find out about shipping costs. It takes me half an hour to drive to Sandusky, which is the capitol of Sanilac County, so most of the morning and early afternoon I was driving. I actually love driving here; there's very little traffic and the roads are usually very good regardless of the weather. However, it is a long trip.

This morning's sunrise

It's been very cold here. Yesterday we had pretty dense fog until noon. The frigid temperatures combined with the fog produced what we used to call hoar frost on the houses, bushes, and trees producing amazing and glorious views.

Contact Information:
James Hansen
7470 Lakeshore Rd. N.
Palms, MI 48465-95608

* - Please keep in mind that any opinions expressed in the book are mine alone. To keep things simple, most of the photos I included are either of my dogs or dogs that I have bred.

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