Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Hot Muggy Day

We have had loads of rain and sun this summer and it shows. The yard is a jungle. The green sprinkler in the foreground has not been used this summer.
The tall pinkish-purple Hosta are volunteers. I like them because they're tough. In the lower right corner is a pink marsh mallow, a wild flower that has naturalized itself in my yard.
Somewhere there is a path or maybe even two but they are very hard to find now! The Dogs love it back there. There is at least one lurking dog - Tryggur - on one of the paths. Can you find him? Some of my friends wonder how I can have dogs and a garden. It's simple. The plants I have have to be tough; they have to be able to survive the dogs. I plant many kinds of perennials, the ones that make it, make it!! The ones that don't are history. Clicking on the photos enlarges them.

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