Friday, July 26, 2013

San Salvatore - July 26, 2013

Interesting times - the blessing/curse.

The seven rows of concrete blocks are in place for the porches, the crawl space and the garage.
Sand, sand and still more sand. Sand in the porch 'spaces' and in the garage and around the house next to the walls. Clay soon. Then the topsoil will get returned. The steel beam has been placed in the basement and a wood beam running the length of the crawl space has been placed there as well. Cross beams are in place now and tied to the center beams and the wood frameworks on top of the concrete blocks.
A bit of controversy about the basement window - size of same. Controversy about the shower - fiberglass/tile. Debatable issues. Ditto counter tops and cupboards - kitchen and bathroom. Hurt feelings.
To cope, I cut down trees, Russian olives, grapevines, viburnums, grapevines, dogwoods, grapevines, branches, Russian olives, and even some grapevines.

We are 'home' now, temporarily. The dogs LOVE it up there. We all sleep soundly until the sun rises - apparently in the north - northeast - very early.

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