Friday, July 5, 2013

Heartworm Protection

One of my puppies from last year has had a reaction to Heartguard Plus. I don't have that problem with my dogs.

Here is what she said: - 
"We would like to know what kind of heart worm protection you use for your dogs. Saga has thrown up the Heartguard Plus up the past two months within one-three hours after taken. She was okay with it before then.? I also heard there is now a 6-month shot so not sure if that is the route to go. Just curious on your thoughts before we go to the vet to take care of it."
                                        (Here are some photos of Saga taken this summer.)
                                        (Ans some more photos of Saga taken last winter.)

I had an acquaintance who switched her toy poodle from Heartguard Plus to either a lotion that she rubbed on the dog's back or a nasal spray for heartworm protection (not the flea and tick prevention). That lady's poodle got heartworm and apparently the cure was horrific.

Has anyone had problems with Heartguard Plus? What did you do? I know it is not smart to leave your dog unprotected.

You can respond to my email above and I will post responses on the blog.

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