Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013 - no additional 'building' has happened for about ten days or more but the concrete blocks for the crawl space, garage, and the two porches have been delivered so there is some progress. 
Brian's plans had five rows of blocks on the three inch concrete floor of the crawl space but Clair has added two more rows - - because Ron and John had to scrape the soil lower than anticipated to find stable ground on which to build. Above is an east view of the crawl space. All the sand was brought in to the site. 

The water pipes for the beach-well pump run deep under the crawl space and bring well water from the beach-well to the pole barn. While digging the foundation the electric line for the pump was accidentally cut and later spliced. (Clicking on photos enlarges them.)
This is an east view of the garage. So far about 17 loads of sand have been brought in. Jim D. from across M-25 has brought in the sand and some gravel for the driveway to stabilize it so that the heavy equipment doesn't get stuck in the clay/silt mixture. Much of the sand that you can see in piles on the right in front of a vernal run-off creek (not really a true creek) will go to build up the garage and the front and rear porches once the blocks are in and 'set'. Many loads of clay will also be brought in to raise the soil level around the house.

Clair has mentioned several times that the soil will be disturbed to lay the pipes for the geothermal system. I think he's concerned that I might be upset by all the digging. I'm not. I realize that because the soil will be disturbed, it will have to be graded and seeded. Hmmm. I wonder if prairie grasses and flowers could be sowed. The geothermal will be west of the septic tank and field which is behind or west of the house.

My good friend Mark S. had a heart attack and is in intensive care. He and I took several dog obedience classes together decades ago and have shared many dog experiences. Currently has has a Golden named Merlin but has had Dobes and an Anatolian. We joined our AKC obedience club around the same time. Steve has been in contact with Mark's wife and kids.

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