Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I just heard from Sally and Thora!! It is always, always great to hear and see how my "kids" are doing!!
My own dogs seem to "change coats" in the spring and fall, shedding heavier winter coats for the coming summer and, in the autumn, coming in thicker for winter - just like wooly bear caterpillars.
As my dogs have aged, their black fur has gotten lighter - like me. I am myself now a "Q-Tip", which is what I used to call my white haired parents it seems like just a few short years ago. Korpur has some white hairs on his face as does Kria. Huld had a black mask when she was young; that mask faded to a gray by the time she was nine or ten. I suppose that, like humans, the age when they begin to grow gray is different for different dogs. Time marches on.
"Hello – I just noticed your blog site is back up and running. Yeah! Your new home is beautiful. 
I figured I’d send you a note to let you know that Thora is doing well.  She spent the holiday weekend jumping off a paddle boat into the shallows of a lake playing fetch.  She insists on taking all toys Wooki fetches away from him, water or land.  Wooki dunked her once in the exchange, but she wasn’t deterred. 
OH – I have a question about markings and coat color.  Have any of your tan type dogs lost black markings over time?  Wooki’s muzzle markings seem to be fading; I wonder if this is typical.  Also I’m pretty sure Wooki had a spattering of black hairs in his coat when he was very young, but now has none, save the muzzle and a couple in the curve of his tail. 
Thora’s ruff and shoulder (shawl?) have long black tipped hair.  Now that it is summer both seem to be going blond.  I’m hoping the black tips grow back with the winter coat since they add such interest to her coat.  With or without the black tips, she is beautiful. 
Attached is my best “recent” shot of the dogs, from last fall.  We are not a photo family so pictures are rare." 
(Thora who just turned two in April was adopted as a companion for Wookie who was born in 2010 - I think.)

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