Friday, July 11, 2014


I know how "bad" this sounds: I miss the 7/11 three blocks from my Royal Oak house. It was so easy to run down there when I got one of those late night cravings for ice cream or potato chips. I don't think there are any 7/11s in the whole Thumb.

I thought of Jon's stripe paintings when I saw Lake Huron this morning.
                                        Click on photo to enlarge it.

Homage a Picasso is back home again. I haven't decided where he will rest yet; he has been many places in his travels and now that he's whole again, I want him where I can see him. I'll take a better photo when he's finally settled in for the long haul.
Two old friends posing one more time. Most of my dogs get along fabulously with each other. Kata and Korpur have had an easy relationship over the years. Korpur come from old solid North American lines; his family has been here for a very long time and are pure Icelandics. I am worried that the old black & whites, common at one time, will soon disappear. He is classy and classic - like the old fashioned geranium from the 1800s in the pot between them.
Korp's muzzle is showing signs of age. Sigh!


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