Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I took a quick trip down to Royal Oak to see the amazing progress on the house.

It was really storming when I left and I debated turning around and going back to my lake front home but I continued - saw the aftermath of a really horrific accident on the other side (east) of I-94 - probably weather-related? I continued in the rain until I got to my RO house. It turned nice enough for me to do a walk through in the house, do some very minor stuff outside, and get back up north in time for lunch with my furry friends.

John Cynar has done an amazing job. It looks great.

I only had time for a quick look at the garden; it looks good but is a bit overgrown. However, I noticed that some plants are missing. Over the course of the summer and maybe even the fall, I have planned on taking some more of my plants to be with me in my new home. Like my dogs, cats, paintings, etc., my plants are part of my life. I know them by name (scientific and common) where I got them from or who I got them from - many are gifts from gardening friends - some of my plants are old fashioned ones from my grandparents' homes. I suspect that some of my neighbors have noticed that I'm not living there now and maybe they are using my absence to score some nice perennials. I'm not sure if I should tell the police to watch my house. That may be asking for trouble.

John had removed the arbor (see the photo below), so we piled it into the back of my van and it is now up north too.

I mentioned to my brother David that I had seen some Clematis virginiana on my property and was surprised by its presence. On my recent Petroglyph excursion, I saw even more. Guess it's not rare, at least up here, after all. Still, the ones I've transplanted from RO and the two clumps from my Palms house are doing well; next year they should cover the fences where they are planted.

Clicking on photos enlarges them.

Above photos from the summer of 2008.

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