Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The kids left yesterday evening it's very quiet. I had a great time and think the three of them did also. We ate very well! The dogs love it when they come. I'm kind of boring - now.

We found two interesting antique-y stores in Sandusky; in one the owner had attached doors to the ceiling of one of the many very small rooms in an old house. It reminded us of what Jon did in his mid-century modern home in B'field Hills. The second shop had interesting things scattered around and also some perennials - I will go back again. It's been very hard to find plants for my new gardens. While there a sudden storm came through. (It actually wasn't so sudden! We saw it approaching from the west long before it got there. We had dinner at China Lee's - got there just before the early birders arrived - surprising and abundant meal!

Relaxing on the decks which are on the steep bluff east of my home.
The view from the decks.
Dinner time is the quietest time here! Almost immediately after eating they all settle down for a postprandial snooze - also a special quiet time. Top to bottom: Kria & Kata, Korpur and Bear, Totty, Pila, & Tryggur.

Port Sanilac is not too far from Forestville. I love breakfast at Mary's Diner. Next visit we must go to the Stone Lode and/or Uri's. There's a good ice cream store on the lower level at Uri's. After getting our cones, there's a park where we can enjoy them and watch the boats.

Clicking on photos enlarges them.
The view is reminiscent of the south of France - use your imagination.

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