Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I've fallen in love with Melanie's Garden and Oregon. Check it out: - @gardenflute   (You can copy and paste this into your browser.)
Melanie, David and Bastian are the new guardians of Tully, from Totty and Calvin's February litter. Clicking on photos enlarges them.

I'm envious of Melanie's garden and the weather in Oregon. Here in Michigan we are still recovering from a rough winter; the garden is just gearing up now.

I went out for breakfast yesterday; as I began driving down my 'driveway', a doe ran in front of my car. I was going very slow so there was no danger of a collision. Following her was a fawn. I stopped. The doe finished crossing the road to my left but the fawn dropped like a rock into the foliage on my right next to the road.


Immediately after I turned around after taking only this one quick photo, the fawn scampered off into the brush from where it came. I'm sure mom and fawn were reunited later.


Kermie's grown a lot. It's hard to believe he was only a tadpole last summer (hehehehe).

Lizzie just got back from a vacation - her first I believe. Her sableing is on a par with sister Tully. (Check out more recent photos of Tully on Melanie's "blog".)


Lizzie, Dad-Dr. Robert, Mule! (Francis?)


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