Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Not far from me in nearby Deckerville a tornado touched down at a dairy farm on Monday night/Tuesday morning. Here we had strong winds, driving rain, and eventually lost electrical power but no damage.

I've been going to a local barber who is a misanthrope. It's been hard to sit in his chair and listen to the non-stop stream of invectives against virtually any group of humans you can think of. He must be a very unhappy person. There are few, if any, other barbers around. Carolyn and David suggested going to a beauty shop/salon which I did today and found the atmosphere pleasant.

While there they were talking about the damage to the farm; someone said they lost about 1500 head of milk cows although first reports said about 40 cows were killed. I stopped by on the way home. The smell of decomp was bad but there were dozens of people working together trying to get things going again. The remaining cattle had been sent temporarily to neighbors' farms until things could get back to working order. Most people most of the time are good people. To enlarge photos, click on them.


I have seen "Peter Rabbit" several times in my garden. If I can see him, why can't the dogs see and/or smell him? I don't want him dead, just gone. I must be Farmer MacGregor.
Kathy, welcome to TorWoods North!

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