Saturday, June 6, 2015

This and That

This is Grimur a gorgeous and very interesting Icelandic Sheepdog male who is now nine weeks old and the last of his litter to be available. I wish!! Clicking on photos enlarges them.


Here's Sandi's email address.

Looking west out my kitchen window at my 'backyard' I realized that I have within a few feet of my window a pair of robins with a nest and nests for a pair of vireos, a pair of house wrens, a pair of tree swallows, and a nest for a pair of bluebirds. I also have several nests in my front yard as well.

Tree Swallow
Some of my dogs soaking up sun in the front yard. Life is good!

Bear likes photos taken showing his right side!

Here are two of the latest photos of Calvin and Totty's recent litter of pups.


Tully is showing early signs of what I call sable - darker hairs covers the predominant coat color like a shawl or mantle. Compare her to Calvin (Kross Gola Kelinn), her dad, below.
Photos of Kelinn by Kristine Hynes

Notice the sableing. One word: Gorgeous!
Tully's dad has long fur; Tully will have shorter fur. The slightly larger male Icelandics are sometimes described as "wolf-like" in appearance while the normally smaller females are often called "fox-like".
Tully has a shorter coat like her mom Totty below.

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