Saturday, June 13, 2015

Royal Oak Farmers' Market and Fritatta

When the day is completely overcast, just before the sun should rise, we often see light on the horizon shining 'under' the clouds. Like this: -

"My" Mondrian in shades of gray. Classy, eh!

I wanted one last time to visit Fritatta where I've spent many happy hours. I knew that moving away from Clawson would be hard; there's no place in Detroit and definitely no place in the Thumb like it. Clicking on photos enlarges them.


After a great cup of coffee and a salmon frittata I went to the old Royal Oak Farmers' Market. As a kid I used to stop there on the way to and from school for apples, pears, grapes, cider, etc. It's wonderful to see it still going. Across the street was the old Martin bus station which we also used to walk though - when no one was looking; for some years now it has been a great fish market - Superior.

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