Thursday, August 6, 2015


Courtney sent an update on Vinlands Bangsi her Icelandic Sheepdog.

This last weekend we went camping up in Cobscook bay and Bangsi spent his first night in a tent! We also took him over to Campobello International Park in Canada for the day. Here are some photos of his escapades.
Courtney, Jeff, Bangsi
He did very well camping. He was not sure about the tent at first, but he got used to it very quickly. The border agents were quite enthralled with him as well. He is always much loved wherever he goes.

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One of my co-residents has a Cavalier King Charles and they love to play together. He went over to his buddy's house the other day and got to play free range in their fenced yard with his little friend while the adults had dinner out on the patio.

He is also getting along much better with his big sister the cat these days. They will even snuggle sometimes now although he can still get a little over excited for her liking. All in all he is just a delight!


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