Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

Returning from an ophthalmologist appointment I came across several Lythrum plants along side the road a few miles from home. Lythrum is an alien species which means it's not native to North America. It used to be very widespread because it had escaped from people's gardens and prospered. Then people declared war on it - I suppose because it's a non -native (alien) species. However, I've always loved it because it's very pretty and it thrives.

I don't understand "why" war was declared on them. Dandelions are aliens; so are phragmites, several kinds of orchids, etc. and they live relatively unscathed.

In point of fact a great many plants we routinely grow for food and for beauty are "alien" to North America. Who gets to decide which ones are good aliens and which are bad ones. (That's a rhetorical question.)

I would not be surprised to see them escape along my stream.

This weekend is the annual Woodward Dream Cruise in Royal Oak. It's a huge event which brings close to two million people to show off classic cars as they drive slowly along Woodward Avenue from Ferndale to Bloomfield Hills. My former home was just off the main staging area. I do NOT miss the Cruise.

A storm is rolling in and bringing Turner clouds along with it. Did anyone paint clouds better? Does anyone? Just asking. Click on photos to enlarge them.

Went to dinner at Uri's last night and then to The Barn for a very good play: - "The Outgoing Tide". I left at intermission; the subject matter was the aging husband's increasing dementia and it brought back too many memories.

Tomorrow Calvin and Totty's pups will be six months old.

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