Monday, August 10, 2015


Icelandic Sheepdog puppy Vinlands Kippa Jane has been doing some moderate and low stress agility obstacles. Suzanne, Kippa's guardian, has exposed her to some agility obstacles like the tunnel, the A-Frame, etc. and KJ enjoys doing them.

Kippa emerging from her tunnel

Kippa tunneling

Note the tossed ball to make tunnels a game

Kippa making "contact" on an A-Frame.

Puppies and young dogs are anxious to learn and to explore new things. It's extremely important to get them out in the world where they can meet new people and other dogs. They need to be socialized early in order for them to develop normally and integrate into their world successfully.

Enroll puppies in classes for their benefit and for yours too. I believe that Icelandic Sheepdogs are one of the smartest and friendliest breeds of dogs around; just like human babies need exposure to new  places, people, objects, and experiences in order for their minds to develop normally, it is critical to take your puppies out in the world in order for their minds and temperaments to develop normally.

Puppies will do anything you ask of them. However, please don't ask them to do too much. Studies have shown that puppies should not run a lot, or jump a lot, or play a lot. Until their bones have finished growing it is possible to damage the soft growing ends of the bones by excessive "playing".

Normally children and puppies play until they are tired and then take little naps or rests. Urging them to run, jump, or play longer may result in irreversible damage to their bones. Monitor their activity and don't ask them to run with you when you jog or ride a bike, go for long walks, jump over and over and over, etc. They'll do it, of course, just to please you and because it's fun. But they should not.

Kippa has two at-genes and therefore is black & tan. She also has Irish spotting which means she has some white, in her case on her chest and toes. She is a gorgeous tricolor. (See previous blog entry.)

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