Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015

I am so incredibly lucky to have the ever changing gorgeous views of Lake Huron from my home.

The white hollyhock is a volunteer from my Royal Oak garden. I noticed one lone seedling germinating last summer. It's not where I would have planted it but volunteers always have the right to stay where they take root. I will scatter some seeds around the property.  Two stalks have blown over but that one plant is putting on an impressive display.

I'm actually surprised that my garden is doing so well; this is only my second summer here. Yes, I am one zone further north so things come up later and go dormant sooner but I do not care.

Below is the view of my north garden and the house from what Jon calls "the Point'. Thankfully, it's virtually impossible to sit anywhere in my yard without one or more dogs by me. I love that. The sun shines brightly on the faces of Kata and Totty almost obscuring them.

The next few shots were taken from the path along the back of the north garden. Things are doing very well there. The tangle of undergrowth, grapevines, broken bottles, intact bottles, spent shotgun shells,  and jetsam and flotsam. ( Jetsam is short word for jettison. Flotsam comes from the French word floter, to float.) So I know I've not used the two words correctly. However, "odds and ends" sounds rather ordinary and some of these found objects are kind of nice.

Faithful Kata

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